Baffour Kwadwo Tonto’s Story

Valley View University had not been a part of his plan but his father thought he was wasting time with the public institutions. After some argument and following an instruction from his dad, he packed his things and got to the campus, shy and unprepared for school. After completing the application procedures, he was ushered into his French 1 class; “What a spectacle it was, I made some friends in that class, and my journey on Valley View University campus begun”.
Kwadwo tells us he particularly liked the cordial relationship he had with the Lecturers, “I remember the small class sizes, which made bonding and coming out with our own contributions to solving problems so worthwhile. The beautiful natural atmosphere of the campus gave credence to creativity for anyone who was looking for one”.  
Notable in his career experience; he has consulted on a number of very successful projects in Ghana and West Africa. He has held IT Director positions for some institutions in Ghana, he has led some ad hoc development teams in some software companies, he has also taken software contracts for some software companies, and has been part of software policy implementation in Ghana. The company he co-founded supports more than 35 institutions across Ghana and West Africa.
He remembers his old time life on campus when he was starting his career life; 

Mrs. Swanzi (Lecturer) allowed me to use her garage as an office. In that office, I learnt a lot and developed some of the projects that were my very first. It was a great learning experience for me

Baffour Kwadwo Tonto
Kwadwo Baffour Tonto is currently the lead developer for a team of elite developers, and he tells us this was made possible because Valley View University believed in his ability to allow him to change his initial programme from Business Administration to Computer Science. “When I lost my friend and co-founder (a sad and a challenging experience) in the early years of the company, I had to rely on some of the borrowed courses I had from VVU to keep the business afloat. I remember Principles of Accounting and Management.”
Kwadwo met some wonderful people on the campus who helped shaped his life for the better, he learnt to develop more love for God, and do believe he found himself. “I do remember the times I owed fees and had to plead to be allowed to sit for exams, in all; VVU has been a memorable part of my experience.”
Kwadwo advices current students to fully participate in the University’s activities and engage meaningfully with their lecturers, which he argues will help them in their learning process.  He is of the view that students should add value to themselves by learning more. 

“There are lots of opportunities on campus to help you learn. Keep good friendships!”

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