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Housing and Dining

Resident Students

The University operates residential facilities for a limited number of students. Accommodation may be granted to students on application on first come first served basis. There are currently two male halls J.J. Nortey Hall and New Men's Hall respectively and two female halls known as NAGSDA and Ellen White Halls.

 Off-Campus Students

Students who wish to live off-campus must apply to the Valley View University Administration through the Dean for Student Life and Services, at the beginning of each semester. They may not transfer during the semester. Students who reside off-campus are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Valley View University standards. VVU is not responsible for debts incurred by students anywhere.

 The University cafeteria serves wholesome and balanced meals. All entrees served in the cafeteria are vegetarian. Students are to desist from taking non-vegetarian entrees to the cafeteria. However there are other food vendors outside the university premises where students can enjoy different types of meals and delicacies.



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