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Profile of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Winfred Ofoe Larkotey

Prof. Winfred Ofoe Larkotey, an accomplished academic and visionary leader, embodies a rare blend of academic excellence, innovative thinking, and administrative prowess. With a robust background in Information Systems coupled with extensive experience in higher education administration, Prof. Larkotey has made significant contributions to academia, research, and institutional development.


Prof. Lakotey has a diverse career journey, showcasing his expertise in software development and systems management at SG Bank - Ghana's Head Office as a Software and Systems Developer for the AKOBEN Project. This experience provided him with a solid foundation in database management and software engineering within the banking industry.

Transitioning to the public sector, Lakotey contributed his skills to the Ministry of Finance, specifically within the Budget and Public Expenditure Management Systems division (BPEMS). Here, he served as a Service Personnel. His development of a Procurement Management System underscores his ability to address specific needs and this demonstrated his versatility as a developer.

Academic Journey:

Prof. Larkotey's academic journey is marked by the relentless pursuit of knowledge and scholarly achievement. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Systems from the prestigious University of Ghana, Legon, in 2019. Before this, he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Management Information Systems from the same institution (Legon) in 2011. His foundational education includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Valley View University, where his passion for technology and academia was ignited from 2003-2007. Prof had his basic education at the Herman Gmeiner School (SOS, Tema) and the GSTS Senior High School in Takoradi.

Leadership and Administrative Roles:

Prof. Larkotey started as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science in January 2012. He has risen through the ranks by becoming a Director for the Information Technology Services Department in……. the Vice-Rector (2017-2019) Kumasi Campus, Then Rector, Kumasi Campus, (from 2021-2023) where he steered the academic division with unwavering commitment and strategic vision. Prof had his associate professorship in July last year and subsequently; he assumed the role of Pro-Vice Chancellor, overseeing the holistic development of the university's academic landscape. His tenure witnessed remarkable advancements in curriculum development, faculty empowerment, and student engagement initiatives.

Research and Academic Contributions:

A prolific researcher, Prof. Larkotey's scholarly pursuits have contributed significantly to the field of Information Systems. His research interests span digitalization, human-computer interaction, mobile application development, and fintech, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to exploring cutting-edge technologies and their impact on society. His publications in esteemed journals and his active involvement in academic conferences underscores his dedication to advancing knowledge dissemination and scholarly discourse.

Professional Experience:

Prof. Larkotey's professional journey is characterized by a diverse array of roles encompassing academia, IT consultancy, and institutional management. As the Director of Information Technology Services, he formulated and executed strategic IT initiatives, driving digital transformation across the university. His tenure as a Software Developer at SG Bank and his contributions to government agencies demonstrate his multifaceted expertise in software development, system analysis, and project management.

Beyond academia, Prof. Larkotey is deeply engaged in community service and professional associations. His active involvement in academic boards, strategic committees, and review panels underscores his commitment to advancing education and promoting scholarly excellence. As a mentor, external assessor, and IT consultant, he actively contributes to capacity-building initiatives and fosters collaboration across academic and professional domains.

Professional body membership

  1. Member (Academic) Association of Information Systems
  2. Member, UK Association of Information Systems
  3. Member, Association for Computing- Founded in 1947,
  4. Member, Information Technology Association of Ghana (ITAG)

Prof. Winfred Ofoe Larkotey's exemplary journey epitomizes academic excellence, leadership, and a steadfast commitment to driving positive change. His transformative leadership, coupled with his scholarly contributions and community engagement, underscores his role as a trailblazer in academia and a catalyst for innovation in the field of Information Systems. As he continues to inspire and empower the next generation of scholars and leaders, his impact resonates far beyond the confines of academia, shaping the future of technology and education.


Winfred Ofoe Larkotey , PhD


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