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Why Choose VVU

You have your grades, certificates and you have researched and chosen your dream course. Now you are probably wondering how to stand out from the thousands of would-be students vying for places in universities. A critical factor in this process is to consider the best university that provides you with excellent educational environment. And this matters because, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of choosing the right University since your future depends on it.

Your choice of a university is therefore your only opportunity to demonstrate your genuine interest in and passion for the course you wish to pursue.

At Valley View University, we motivate, build the potential and ability in each person for further study, by providing you with not only academic opportunities, but with challenging learning environment that will make you suitable for industry. Students are dared to grow and nurture their full capabilities; and our track records speak for themselves:


Our Profile

·        The First Chartered Private University in Ghana

·        We have a high demand for our Computer Science/Information Technology and Nursing Graduates by organizations

·        The First University in Ghana to train the Ghana Police in Computer Security and Cyber Forensics

 ·        The Nursing Licensure Exam pass in 2015 was 97%

·        The Best Private University in the Year 2013 (Ranked by 4ICU)

·        Valley View University has been awarded Gold for recognition of her outstanding Leadership and Commitment to Quality and Excellence (out of 300 corporate institutions in Ghana) by The Business Initiative Directions (BID), An International Organisation Based in Madrid, Spain at a Century International Quality ERA Award Ceremony Held In Geneva in 2013.

·        The Private University with the Highest Number of Publications

 ·        The Only Eco-Friendly University in Africa

 ·        The Only University in Ghana which uses Bio Gas to supplements its fuel consumption

·        The Only University in Ghana which Supplies Excess Power Generated from its Solar Panels to ECG

·        The First Private University with a Radio station

·        The First Private University with Sachet Water Production Plant

·        The First Private University with an NHIS accredited Hospital.

·        The First Private University to emphasize on Healthy living with a Bakery, with a unique wheat-Soy recipe



·        The First University to organize an annual ICT Expo in Ghana

·        The First University in Ghana to develop and use its own School Management System developed by current/past students of Valley View

·        Codeplex of Valley View University emerged as the only group to have successfully entered into the Microsoft Ghana Imagine Cup Competition and also was to represent Ghana in the global competition in 2013

·        Valley View University won the Zain Africa Challenge in Ghana and was among the schools which represented Ghana on the African stage in Kampala, Uganda in 2010.

·        An Entrepreneurship Association in Valley View University called Entrepreneurials in Action (ENACTUS) won the 2013 Year’s Global Management Challenge Finals at the headquarters of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in Accra. The Global Management Challenge is the World’s Largest Strategy and Management Competition operating since the Late 70s.

·        VVU uses its own home built Hospital Management system developed by products of Valley View

·        Valley View University is the first to develop and implement its own Biometric Authentication System



Connect with us

Mile 19 Off the Adenta-Dodowa Road

    • Telephone +233 307011832

    • Address P.O. Box AF 595 Adentan

    • Photo Credit: University Website Upgrade and Social Media Group, SQ Graphy & Annishot
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