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QUE Is the VUU affiliated with any Local or Foreign University?

ANS VVU has affiliation with Andrews University and Grigs University (USA)

QUE What are the tuition fees for the various courses?

ANS Our Tuition fees are moderate and the most affordable and depend on your choice of programme. Contact +233-307011878for more information.

QUE What plan do you have for payment of tuition fees by installment?

ANS The University has developed a flexible installment plan for payment of tuition fees.

QUE How committed and qualified are your lecturers?

ANS Our lecturers are experienced professional and result-oriented Lecturers.

QUE Where is the location of the University?

ANS VVU is located at Oyibi, Mile 19 off the Adentan - Dodowa road

QUE Has the Institute a prescribed uniform/attire?

ANS We do not have any prescribed uniform or attire. We, however, as a tertiary institution, insist that our students dress decently.

QUE Do you provide counseling services for students?

ANS Yes; the University has a Counseling Centre, manned by an experienced counselor and a chaplain.

QUE I am a student at one of the Schools – can I transfer to another School?

ANS Yes – but transfer terms and conditions shall apply.

QUE As a student of the University, can I use the University’s accommodation services?

ANS Yes – The University has accommodation for students’ utilization. More of them are being built to accommodate the increasing number of the student population.

QUE As a student of the University can I get any careers advice?

ANS Yes – The there are experienced counselors that can assist students and prospective students with all their academic needs.

QUE I need to obtain a transcript – who do I contact?

ANS You will need to come to the front desk of the admissions and records, fill a form, make payment then the transcript can be issued. If you are outside the country, identify someone to make payment on your behalf (give the person an authorization note) and the transcript will be sent to an address of your choice, or the person with the authorization not can collect it for you.

QUE I recently graduated and haven’t received my certificate – who can I contact about this?

ANS The registry is responsible for issuing all students certificates. Contact the registry on +233 - 030711836

QUE What can I study?

ANS The University currently offers undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, as well as other short certificate courses; please visit our programs offered page for more information.

QUE Do you offer short courses?

ANS Short Courses are available in a variety of subjects and levels through the University.

QUE Do you offer summer schools?

ANS Yes. Contact the schools for relevant information and all enquiries.

QUE When do courses start?

ANS Degrees and Diplomas at the University normally begin in August and January respectively.

QUE What are the University entry requirements?

ANS Requirements vary from program to program. Information can be obtained from the Schools or please visit our website for more information. For more information see entry requirements

QUE How do I apply?

ANS Information about how and when to apply should be sought from the School you wish to apply to. Students applying for undergraduate degrees should log on to our website or call our Admissions office (+233-307-011867) for more information. Also see how to apply

QUE What are the University fees?

ANS The fees for the various programmes differ from schools, in order to get exact amount please contact the school you wish to apply to; or call: 233-307011878

QUE Are scholarships available?

ANS Yes but terms and conditions apply.

QUE I want to study at Valley View University. What courses do you offer? How do I apply? Can you send me an application form?

ANS For detailed information on studying for an undergraduate (or bachelors) degree, see our website for information on admission processes.

QUE How much is the cost of living for Valley View University?

ANS For information on undergraduate or postgraduate fees and expenses, please call our Finance office (+233-307-011877) and they will be happy to answer all your queries. You can also download financial information for Valley View University.

QUE When was the Valley View University founded?

ANS In the year 1979.

QUE How many Schools/Institutes are there at Valley View University?

ANS currently VVU; has five schools but there are ongoing processes to get more schools accredited.

QUE When does the semester start? What are the term dates for the next academic year?

ANS The academic year at Valley View University runs from August to May, and summer session runs from June 1, to July 30.

QUE Are there any IT related programs on Valley View University Campus?

ANS Yes -There are a lot of IT related programs, an example is the annual ICT Expo: a platform for Institute of Computer Science (ICS) students to showcase their projects.

QUE Are there any sports activities on Campus?

ANS Yes – Valley View University engages in a lot of Sports activities ranging from football, basketball, volley ball, and athletics; just to mention a few. There is an ultra modern gym on campus as well.



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