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Dziedzorm Asafo, PhD

Dziedzorm Asafo, PhD Specialist: Theology (89%), Greek (89%), Hebrew (87%)

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Experience: 19 years.

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Prof. Dziedzorm R. Asafo is an Associate Professor of Theology at Valley View University (VVU), Oyibi-Accra, Ghana. He holds a Master of Arts, Theology—New Testament and Biblical Languages (Andrews University, USA – 1987) and Doctor of Philosophy-Sociology of Religion (Uppsala University, Sweden – 1999) degrees. He is an ordained Minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Prof. Asafo has been working at VVU since August 1999, starting as a lecturer. He has a considerable experience in teaching, research and administration of the university as shown in the services rendered by virtue of the several positions held throughout his employment at the University, and also at the Regent University College, Accra, where he spent his one-year sabbatical leave teaching and researching. His area of teaching includes theology, sociology, social psychology, and research courses. In the area of research, Prof. Asafo has published several journal articles, book articles, books and mimeographs, and edited books. His research interest has been the reciprocal and the symbiotic relationships that exist between religion and society, particularly believers’ /human activities based on their belief systems and the concomitant outcomes of such activities on the economic and ecological environments.

Prof. Asafo’s years of teaching and supervision of student research papers have drawn his attention to excellence and integrity in research and the urge to assist students and other researchers in their efforts in doing scientific research and writing of all kinds of research projects.

At VVU, he held various administrative positions such as the Vice President for Student Life and Sevices (July 2001-June 2003), Vice President for Distance Education (July 2003-June 2005) and Vice President for General Administration/Registrar (July 2005-December 2010).

Currently, he is a Professor Emeritus with the School of Theology and Mission at VVU, and he is an external examiner for two other Universities: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana), and Adventist University of Africa (Kenya). He is also the Director of the Quality Assurance Directorate of VVU. He delights in reading, jogging, and gardening.





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