School of Business Holds 2017 Corporate Week

Ps Joe A. Hagan with SOB Faculty and VVU Alumni

Corporate Day celebrations in universities provide students with opportunities to interact first-hand with corporate employees, recruiters, and corporate executives. These events are a great way to explore diverse companies and find ones that match students’ interests, skills, and potentials. It is also an opportunity to network with some key decision-makers within organizations, see first-hand cutting-edge technology and best practices in industry, and allow students make the necessary preparation toward practical application of the knowledge in industry. 

The School of Business’ annual programme, organised in every second semester of the academic year has always been characterised by both exciting and solemn events. This year’s programme of activities begun with an official launching of the week’s events on March 15, and was witnessed by students, Faculty members and Sponsoring companies like SAHAM, Prudential Bank Ltd., Erison Capital, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Blue Skies, and Vodafone Ghana.

The month of March was full of activities for the School of Business (SoB). A week was used for several activities, including the 2017 Corporate Day itself, with the theme was Being successful in the Corporate World”.

The events began with friendly football matches among all the Levels at SoB. To crown it all, there was a match between SoB team and Islamic University. Both teams enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that characterised the event.

It was followed with 2017 Corporate Day lectures and dinner on March 16. Insightful lectures were given by Daniel T. Tsokpor, an Alumnus of Valley View University and Managing Director for Job Daddy Consult, and Michael Baah, President of the Valley View University Alumni Association.


The week’s activities ended with a trip to Holiday Inn, Ada, where students felt relaxed cruising, swimming, dancing and partaking in many more relaxing activities. The School of Business would like to take the opportunity to appreciate each and everyone who helped make this programme a success, especially the sponsors.


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