Gloria A. Opoku-Boateng

Gloria A. Opoku-Boateng [‘11] is an alumni of the computer science program here at Valley View University.  She is currently a  2nd year Information Systems PhD student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

 This summer, she is interning with Google as UX researcher on one of the Software Engineering Teams for Photos.She is also working on other cool projects that Google develops. Catching up with her, here are some of the things she had to say.

 VVU: What have you been up to since you left VVU?

GOB: Oh wow! I can’t believe 4 years have gone by so quickly. I have been busy, very busy so I can get school out of the way. As some of you may or may not know, my final year project at VVU was on health informatics. This interest soon burgeoned into a deeper care to help with the Ghana health care system better utilize technology for delivery.I went on to apply to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Applied Health Informatics program in Baltimore, Maryland. I worked with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT for about a year and then went on to do my PhD with interests in Systems design, user experience research and healthcare.

 VVU:What is your goal in terms of a future career?

 GOB: My future career plan is to be a user experience(UX) researcher in healthcare and/or technology domains.

 VVU: What are you up to this summer?

GOB: This summer, I am interning with Google as UX researcher on one of the Software Engineering Teams for Photos. I am in Mountain View for 14 weeks.


 VVU: Why Google?

GOB: are you serious????? Google has sort of been my dream company to work with for a while. So this was a no brainer. They chose me. On a more serious note, I think with my goal of being  a UX researcher working on Healthcare Technologies. An experience like this with Google helps me understand how cool projects and technology that affects billions of lives are developed with user front and center. This will help me apply real world processes to my research.

 VVU: Are you planning on coming back to VVU?

GOB: That will depend on a lot of things. For now, all I can say is that school has to out of the way. I however plan on visiting and hosting a hackathon with some students and faculty of the Computer Science Department sometime soon. I don’t know exactly when.

 VVU: Finally, what are some of the things you learned at VVU that has helped you along the way.

GOB: Hmm there has been several things that has helped me. First, the blend of religion and pursuit of academic excellence at VVU has helped me define my values and goals. VVU taught me to always have space and priority for God in my life. Second, I had a couple of faculty mentors (Eben Laryea, Abraham Bamfo Boakye, Mrs Swansi, Enoch Damson PhD and many more) who had experienced other education systems and so their way of teaching and mentorship prepared me for the american education system.  Finally, VVU taught me the meaning and value in the pursuit of excellence. Those words in the logo, Excellence, Integrity and Service are not mere coincidentals. They hold true when you live by them.


VVU: Well thank you for sharing this with us.

GOB: No problem. It’s always a pleasure to help.



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